100+ Free Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List 2022

instant approval directory submission sites

Seopitara provides you a collection of instant approval directory submission sites list. These free web directory submission list really help you rank your website better on the search engine result page.

Directory submission is the best off-page seo practice used to create dofollow backlinks to drive massive traffic to your website and gain domain authority for the website. These free instant approval directory sites help you to create high-quality backlinks with instant approval.

Directory submission is the best way to increase domain authority or page authority for a website and also help to drive massive traffic for the website. Directory submission is easy to submit. A user has to choose one best directory submission sites in the instant approval directory submission sites, fill in your business details, and mention the website link. It’s really important to mention website links to bring backlinks to your website and drive massive traffic.

Checklist for Directory Submission Sites

1. Make sure the directory is not malicious/ penalized

2. Choose the right category according to your business niche. (e.g., Real estate, Business, Jewellery, Law etc.)

3. Add your full name and business email address.

4. Add targeted keywords in the title and description.

5. Do not add more than one website URL.

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List

S.NoInstant Approval Directory Submission Sites ListDAWebsites
1 Approval
2 Approval
3www.247webdirectory.com40Instant Approval
4www.411freedirectory.com46Instant Approval
5www.a2place.com38Instant Approval
6www.abstractdirectory.net45Instant Approval
7www.acedirectory.org44Instant Approval
8www.activdirectory.net41Instant Approval
9www.adbritedirectory.com40Instant Approval
10www.addgoodsites.com40Instant Approval
11www.addirectory.org40Instant Approval Approval
13www.advancedseodirectory.com37Instant Approval
14www.afunnydir.com42Instant Approval
15www.alive-directory.com47Instant Approval
16www.alivelink.org36Instant Approval
17www.alivelinks.org38Instant Approval
18www.angelsdirectory.com38Instant Approval
19www.apeopledirectory.com37Instant Approval
20www.aquarius-dir.com41Instant Approval
21www.ask-dir.org34Instant Approval
22www.ask-directory.com39Instant Approval
23www.asklink.org40Instant Approval
24www.aweblist.org39Instant Approval
25www.backpagedir.com41Instant Approval
26www.bedirectory.com40Instant Approval
27www.beegdirectory.com39Instant Approval
28www.bestbuydir.com41Instant Approval
29www.bestdirectory4you.com39Instant Approval Approval
31www.botid.org54Instant Approval
32www.businessfreedirectory.biz36Instant Approval
33www.businessfreedirectory.com33Instant Approval
34www.busybits.com43Instant Approval
35www.classdirectory.org40Instant Approval
36www.clicksordirectory.com38Instant Approval
37www.craigslistdir.org44Instant Approval
38www.craigslistdirectory.net40Instant Approval
39www.directdirectory.org40Instant Approval
40www.directory10.biz36Instant Approval
41www.directory10.org37Instant Approval
42www.directory3.org42Instant Approval
43www.directory4.org35Instant Approval
44www.directory5.org37Instant Approval
45www.directory6.org36Instant Approval
46www.directory8.org40Instant Approval
47www.directory9.biz38Instant Approval
48www.directoryanalytic.com40Instant Approval
49www.directorydirect.net36Instant Approval
50www.domainnamesseo.com41Instant Approval
51www.ebay-dir.com40Instant Approval
52www.ecodir.net43Instant Approval
53www.efdir.com36Instant Approval
54www.exampledir.com43Instant Approval
55www.facebook-list.com41Instant Approval
56www.familydir.com41Instant Approval Approval
58www.freeseolink.org34Instant Approval Approval
60www.freeweblink.org35Instant Approval
61www.freewebsitedirectories.com38Instant Approval
62www.globaldir.org38Instant Approval
63www.harddirectory.net36Instant Approval
64www.homedirectory.biz36Instant Approval
65www.hotdirectory.net39Instant Approval
66www.hotlinks.biz36Instant Approval
67www.huludirectory.com39Instant Approval
68www.ifidir.com35Instant Approval
69www.interesting-dir.com44Instant Approval
70www.jet-links.com37Instant Approval
71www.justdirectory.org44Instant Approval
72www.justlink.org41Instant Approval
73www.lemon-directory.com42Instant Approval Approval
75www.linkedin-directory.com42Instant Approval Approval
77www.mediafiredirectlink.com39Instant Approval
78www.nicedir.net37Instant Approval Approval
80www.piratedirectory.org37Instant Approval
81www.poordirectory.com41Instant Approval
82www.populardirectory.biz37Instant Approval
83www.populardirectory.org37Instant Approval
84www.prolink-directory.com36Instant Approval
85www.reddit-directory.com39Instant Approval
86www.relateddirectory.org35Instant Approval
87www.relevantdirectories.com41Instant Approval
88www.relevantdirectory.biz41Instant Approval
89www.royaldirectory.biz38Instant Approval
90www.searchdomainhere.com41Instant Approval
91www.seooptimizationdirectory.com41Instant Approval
92www.smartdir.org35Instant Approval
93www.smartseolink.org36Instant Approval
94www.steeldirectory.net36Instant Approval
95www.sublimedir.net42Instant Approval
96www.sublimelink.org38Instant Approval Approval
98www.targetlink.biz38Instant Approval
99www.thedirectorylistings.org37Instant Approval
100www.toptendir.net36Instant Approval
101www.trafficdirectory.org39Instant Approval
102www.unique-listing.com42Instant Approval
103www.upsdirectory.com40Instant Approval

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