How to Convert Visitors into Customers

How to Convert Visitors into Customers
How to Convert Visitors into Customers

How to Convert Visitors into Customers

Engage in live and lively chat with your clients

Clients wants satisfaction at two levels :

1-They expected a whole range of information about the service or products.And

2-They wanted you to tell them how would they benefit from buying a product or the informed services your business offered.

The beauty of the  live or rather informal-cum- profession talking would do wonders to your prospect business. Especially in live cum lively chats you can navigate diplomatically to your customers questions on the spot and a good trouble shooter.

Every web page live chat have a soft ware called “PAGE-TRACKER “ which help you to stimulate and your customers would at least start talking to you.It will be enough for your sales intelligence to gauge your customers expectations and you talk and offer accordingly.

1) You can offer free products or Services 

 A very simple truth about the  free trials of goods and services is that it holds a aura of confidence to your clients about you.There is no shame in offering free services if your products are genuine.

Never ask any personal details

Your web site page must have this icon “no credit- debit card “ needed. Because if a client say a big “NO” to your offer it means that he had already been cheated by some one else before .


Policy of extended trials is nothing but to tell your clients that your are here even if they would buy more time to act according  to advise and buy your service or products . It triggers a self confidence about your market presence to the buyers.

3) Retrospection is must

As your client even buys your products or the services after trials and then leave you- always ask them what made them to do so ? Reform your product or service faults as quickly as possible .

Show Evidence .

A famous proverb says “Seeing is Believing “ .

4) Importance of LOGOS  …

Interesting in hindi   “LOGOS” mean log or common people . Similarly when your web page is full with sparkling displays a numerous logos it will immensely create confidence your business image in the minds of the clients . B2B firms logos play a good role .

 5) Evidence of Testimonials

Testimonials are the important proofs because they show on the internet and Mr. buyer that you have a big community of existing clients .

6) Evidence of Figure

Do not forget   to show the figures . Figures or numerical strength are telling your client age or business good will with the target  segment .


Products video are very important .  Videos demos create a connectivity between the client and the products and services . You can also freeze your video upon an important feature while describing  the products and services .

Check your e-platforms daily

To curb the bad feeling or Footsie. Fear of missing out you need to check your e-mail marketing engagements or  face book account daily . It a thumb rule .


Lot many customers even they liked your products or the services  switched-on the delaying buying mental mode. You tell them “if  now “ “then never “ at least at this price ever  .Learn this tactics from the big boys like AMAZON ,FLIPCARD ,etc .


Clients are very clever people . They often compare the quality and the price of others with your quotations  .Here landing page help you a lot when your clients visit your web page .It’s a professional page and it will tell your clients that why and how your products and goods are better and at a genuine price in the whole market .

Priced About Us

Avoid age old fashion show stuffs like  “our staff “ .Post some of your achievements or your business motives which go beyond money making motives . Show some sense that “why am I best in the business  ?  ”

10) Movement Trackers

One soft ware always comes to mind is Crazy Egg . It helps you to see and gauge the  visitors movements . You then know what is their liking  and disliking . You will learn How to Convert Visitors into Customers.

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