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SEO practises is a best way to raise true brand awareness and drive massive traffic to your websites. SEO Pitara  provides you everything you need for seo with high da submission sites lists like directory submission sites,bookmarking sites,classified submission sites list.you can create high pr backlinks in these listed sites that will help you to your website ranking at the top of search engine result page with SEOPitara.

What is seo?

Search engine optimization(seo) refers to the practices used to increased your websites ranking at the top of search engine result page.

Here is the reason why seopitara is important for your website:

If you  are running  business online  website visibility is the most important part to increase traffic and generate leads for business.SEO practices helps to grow your business  online in other  words it’s helps to increase organic traffic to your website which is increase your products and services sales and traffic too.Generating  traffic is really important part for every online business with the help of some seo tactics.  

Two types of seo techniques:

  1. On –page seo
  2. Off page seo

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO are the practices used to optimizing each webpage of website to ranked at the top of SERP Page and earn more organic traffic.

So, here is a simple checklist it’s surely helps you in on page SEO:

Keyword in the Title Tag – Tiltle tag describes the title of every web page. According to seo point of view title tag should be 60 to 70 characters.

Meta Description – Meta description is an html attribute that describes  whole information about your webpage.according to seo point of view meta description length should be 160 characters.

Image Alt Attributes – alt stands for alternative text.alt text generally used to describes the image which you are used in the website.

URL Structure –according to seo point of view  url structure  defines your posts and services.

Canonical Tag – canonical tags inform search engine which web page should display in search engine or which are not.

Free Backlink Submission Site List

Article Submission

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Directory submission

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Bookmarking Submission

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Classified Submission

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